Snoop Dogg says ‘Dana White, where’s my money at?’ after Jake Paul KOs ex-UFC star Ben Askren as rapper wins $2m bet

SNOOP DOGG said ‘Dana White, where’s my money at?’ after Jake Paul knocked out Ben Askren – as the rapper won his $2million bet.

YouTuber Paul closed the show with a dramatic right hand in the first round against Askren, who retired from the UFC in 2019.

Snoop Dogg and YouTuber Jake Paul Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Jake Paul knocked out ex-UFC star Ben Askren Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Beforehand, UFC president White told Mike Tyson he would be willing to bet $1m the social media star lost.

Paul, 24, and rap royalty Snoop Dogg, 49, asked to up the wager to $2m – though their call was never asked.

But it still did not stop the West Coast star from calling out the UFC boss and campaigning for his proposed winnings.

Snoop Dogg said: ‘Dana White, where’s my money at?’

Paul moved to 3-0 in his professional boxing career and beat his first ever experienced fighter.

He said: ‘I told y’all I was gonna do it in the first round.

‘I told y’all I’m a real fighter. I don’t know how many times I’ve gotta prove myself that this is for real.’

Afterwards, Paul dedicated the win to his bodyguard Shamir Bolivar, who sadly passed away this month.

“It’s been four months I’ve been in training camp every day, I deserve that s***.

“This is the craziest moment of my life. I told y’all I was gonna do it in the first round.

“I told y’all I’m a real fighter, I don’t know how many times I’ve gotta prove myself that this is for real.

“This is for Shadow, my security guard who passed away ten days ago.

“He told me I would knock him out in the first round, he said he had a vision, a dream.

“This has been the hardest ten days of my life, I had to hold it together to keep this fight going and I’m just honoured to be here.”

Ben Askren knocked out by Jake Paul Credit: Getty

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