Cardi B confesses her dirty secrets about Offset on IG

Cardi-B does not care about what you think about her what so ever.

So everyone knows that lately Cardi-B and Offset have been constantly in the tabloids over their breakup and miscellaneous other shenanigans having to do with their relationship, but Cardi just took it to another level.

Cardi B And Offset Appear On Instagram Live Despite Cheating Rumors
She was recently on her IG Live and well, confessed to all of her viewers how much she misses Offset and well, their more intimate times if you will.

Cardi B Defends Offset After Instagram Is Hacked, DMs Allegedly Leaked

This brings us back to the whole, “is this real” debate. At this point, I don’t let myself think about it too much because then if it is fake then they got exactly what they wanted, but if it is real and they’re really done, then okay, that kind of stuff happens all the time.

Cardi B denies rumors that Public Feud with Offset was a stunt

What do you think about the situation?

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