Cardi B Gets Trolled After Netizens See Her Lip-Syncing At A Concert Post The Microphone Incident As Her Voice Kept Singing In Background

Some fans came to her defence, saying the comparisons were not accurate, as Cardi B actually performed her music in the first place, whereas Milli Vanilli did not

Cardi B bị chế nhạo sau sự cố micro khi giọng hát liên tục vang lên

Cardi B mocked after microphone incident as her voice kept singing in background (Photo Credit: Instagram)
Rapper Cardi B has been mocked online after the microphone attack incident as viewers noticed her voice kept singing in the background.

The ‘I Like It’ rapper threw her microphone at a fan on Saturday evening, after being splashed with water by an audience member, which in turn revealed she was lip-syncing.

The incident occurred at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, Nevada when the entertainer was in the middle of a performance of her song ‘Bodak Yellow’.

Viewers noticed that even as she was throwing the mike in irritation at the audience — her 2018 hit track ‘Bodak Yellow’ continued to play with her vocals.

Social media users started comparing her to Milli Vanilli, an 80s pop duo that was caught lip-syncing songs on stage though they weren’t the actual singers on the track.

Milli Vanilli was a German-French duo made up of Fab Morvan and Rob Pilatus. The band won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1990, which was revoked after their lip-syncing scandal came out.

On July 21, 1989, while performing in Bristol, Connecticut, their backing track jammed and started to skip, revealing they were not singing. Later it was revealed that the duo wasn’t even providing the vocals.

This is not anything new as even big groups like Bon Jovi have done the same, with one very famous incident taking place in 2019 as John Bon Jovi kept on singing, not realising his mike was off but his vocals kept on playing in the background as the band kept on playing their famous track ‘It’s my Life’.

Fans on Twitter compared the two music acts.

One user said: “So Cardi B has a whole lot of Milli Vanilli action going on as she hums her mic at an unruly fan.”

Another posted: “Milli Vanilli is trending!! What year is this?! Cardi B caught pulling a Milli Vanilli! And y’all thought she actually sang on stage!”

A person wrote, “Cardi B’s Milli Vanilli moment, lyrics keep playing after she throws at fan. Does the audience get a refund for lip syncing?”

Some fans drew examples of bands such as Bon Jovi or Motley Crue whose singers having lost their voices or no longer having the same power began lip syncing their entire performance as their voices played in the background, which was immediately noticed, and mocked by netizens.

Some fans came to her defence, saying the comparisons were not accurate, as Cardi B actually performed her music in the first place, whereas Milli Vanilli did not.

Meanwhile, the woman the songstress hit is reported to have gone to the Las Vegas Police Department to report being hit.

According to police, no arrests or citations have been issued.

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