Cardi B Splits with Husband Offset, Confirms She’s Single

Cardi B I’m Single … Splits With Offset

Cardi B is a single woman once again, ending things with her estranged husband, Offset … breaking the news days after she unfollowed him on social media and talked about losing ‘dead weight.’

New Cardi B Single 'Be Careful' References Offset Affair


Cardi went live on Instagram to set the record straight Sunday night — telling fans she’s been single ‘for a minute now’ … admitting she wasn’t sure how to share the bombshell piece of info.

Cardi went on to say she’s been wanting to fill folks in for some time — and as recently as last week — but says she wants to start the new year ‘fresh’ and ‘open.’

The news might not come as a shock to some … as we reported, Cardi and Offset unfollowed each other sometime last week, and she posted a message about outgrowing relationships — adding, ‘I GOTTA PUT MYSELF FIRST!’

She also told her fans she wants to drop all ‘dead weight’ in her life in 2024 … another shot at Offset.

Cardi B and Offset Together

The 2 got married back in 2017, but she filed for divorce in 2020 due to cheating allegations … but she eventually withdrew. They’ve also got 2 kids together — 5-year-old Kulture and 2-year-old Wave.

Offset alluded to the idea earlier this year that Cardi might’ve cheated on him, which she denied … but that sparked a bit of an online battle between them, until they eventually made up.

We covered the drama on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.


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