Cardi B thinks her house is being haunted by a ghost that wants to have s*x with her

Cardi B thinks her house is being haunted by a ghost that wants to have sex with her

Cardi B Claims A Ghost Is Trying To Have Sex With Her

Cardi B thinks her Los Angeles home is being haunted by a ghost that wants to have sex with her.

The ‘Up’ rapper made the strange claim during an Instagram Live stream earlier this week, footage of which has since been shared on social media.

‘I start hearing like a fly sound, right? Bro, I haven’t been able to find the fucking fly,’ she said in the video. ‘I started hearing this sound in the hallway. It sounds like somebody’s on the phone.’

Cardi said she asked one of her security guards to come inside the house and hear the sound for themselves, but it vanished.

‘Bitch, tell me how the sound is gone? It’s gone out of nowhere,’ she continued. ‘All I’m saying to you is that there’s a fucking ghost or spirit in this fucking house.’

Cardi added that the supposed ghost only appears when her husband Offset isn’t around.

‘When I’m alone, it always wanna fuck with me,’ she said. ‘Mind you, when I be in the house in Atlanta or New York, there’s nothing.’

Cardi B Thinks A Ghost In Her House Wants To Have Sex With Her | Loud 103.3  Fort Wayne's Hip-Hop Station

The Bronx native then said that she believes the spirit wants to sleep with her.

‘I’m so disorientated because I’m so alone in this house with this fucking ghost that clearly wants to fuck me because he only comes around when I’m here and by myself,’ Cardi said, adding that she was considering staying in a hotel instead.

‘I’m fucking over it,’ she said.

Cardi seems to be talking a lot about ghosts lately.

In an interview on Hot 97 earlier this month, the 30-year-old star admitted that she used to believe that the former WWE wrestler The Undertaker was actually dead.

‘When I was little, I went and Undertaker used to come out, and my dumb ass really thought that he was a ghost,’ she said. ‘I really thought that was real, like, he was coming from the dead.’

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