If Cardi B doesn’t immediately stop these actions, the rapper will detroy her music career

Red alert for Cardi B!!!

This is probably a dangerous red alarm bell for the reputation and career of the young female rapper Cardi B. She is truly in a dangerous phase when she constantly speaks out about the dark spots in her chaotic life. Recently, for example, Cardi did not hesitate to tell all on her Instagram livestream about how she used banned substances, harmed a guy, and then robbed him. Not showing remorse is one thing, Cardi also shows her arrogant pride to the point of being… scandalous.

Cardi B should be more careful with her words.

What can be defended, but when it comes to breaking the law like this, it’s very difficult, Cardi B!

Even after being criticized by the online community for sensitive stories, Cardi B did not say a single word of apology. She posted the following status line: ‘I’ve never claimed to be an angel, I’m a street rapper. You look up to other street rappers when they do depraved things like this, but because I’m a girl, they don’t accept it.’

Although it sounds somewhat true, it seems that Cardi B has forgotten that she is no longer that free-spirited street rapper, now she is a rookie worthy of the throne of the new generation Rap queen. Competing with Nicki Minaj, she is also the leading female rapper in the mainstream rap industry at this time. So, Cardi B, what you said is really hurting yourself.

Cardi B argued eloquently, but you see, no one agrees with that opinion.

“Click your tongue 7 times before speaking” is a reasonable proverb for Cardi B right now.

If Nicki Minaj heard what Cardi B said, she would definitely call the police.

Rap/Hiphop is inherently street art, reflecting the dark reality of society out there. From the first days until now, whenever rappers are mentioned, we will think of free people, filled with scandals and scandals related to the law.

How many rappers have had to move from a superstar’s mansion to prison because of their crimes. If Cardi B is not careful, sooner or later she will have a new title: Rap Queen reigns in prison…. And you see, I’m not very proud.

Take care and don’t worry, Cardi B!

Listen to Cardi B’s most recent hit – Please Me.

Just a few gentle reminders, I hope Cardi B will soon wake up and be more careful with what she says. Since emerging as a phenomenon after Bodak Yellow in 2017, she has continuously committed many scandals that affected her name. Don’t let yourself become the second Iggy Azalea of the rap industry, you’ll quickly fade away, Cardi B!

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