Kim Kardashian mocked for ‘making grilled cheese’

KIM Kardashian has been burned by fans after posting a picture of herself inside the massive White House kitchen cooking a simple grilled cheese sandwich.

This after the Kardashian star’s youngest daughter spilled the beans on her mom’s culinary skills.

Kim Kardashian smiles while preparing to slice a tomato in the White House

Kim Kardashian smiles while preparing to slice a tomato in the White HouseCredit: Instagram/ Kim Kardashian

Kim's daughter Chicago called her mom out on claims she cooks

Kim’s daughter Chicago called her mom out on claims she cooksCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim shared a series of throwback photos to her Instagram from one of her trips to Washington, D.C.

The aged photos, from 2019, featured the model mom inside the president’s home, making a grilled cheese sandwich for her eldest daughter, North West, who had just turned six at the time.

In the first, Kim, now 42, smiled as she posed appearing to slice a tomato in the massive kitchen surrounded by pots and pans dangling over her head.

While there was no explanation as to what the tomato was for, the next photo showed Kim’s apparent grilled cheese result, half eaten, sitting on a formal White House dish.

A third snap showed North, rocking a giant chef hat, taking a bite out of her sandwich.

‘That one time in the White House kitchen when I actually cooked a grilled cheese,’ Kim captioned the cheesy masterpiece, before teasing that her personal accomplishment was ‘…way before Chi’s time!’


It all comes after Kim’s youngest daughter, Chicago, shared a revealing note about her mom’s cooking skills on Mother’s Day.

The letter was titled ‘All About My Mom’ and saw Chicago boldly make it known that her mom never cooks because ‘she has a chef.’

In the comments, fans sided with Chicago’s assesment.

‘Yeahhh you assembled a grilled cheese, you didn’t cook one,’ one person said.

Another mocked the tomato pose, speculating: ‘They really said pick up whatever piece of food and a large bread knife and pose.’

While one person used the photo to take a pot shot at one of Kim’s sisters.

‘She at least appears to know how to use a knife,’ the person joked, tagging Kendall Jenner in the message.


Kendall’s cutting controversy was confirmed during a previous episode of The Kardashians.

When she started chopping a cucumber, she held the vegetable on the side and placed her fingers mere millimeters from the blade’s sharp edge.

She then awkwardly crossed her arms, instead of rotating the vegetable.

When the clip found its way onto TikTok, critics jumped to the comments section and slammed the way she cut the cucumber.

Kylie has even poked fun of her cutting ways before, referring to her sister as ‘cucumber girl’ in a picture from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding.

After her most recent mockery, fans on YouTube went wild.

”Should we cut it like Kendall?’ LOL Kylie can be funny,’ one fan commented.

Another added: ‘The fact that Kendall’s way of cutting is a literal reference in the family makes me laugh.’

While a third pointed out: ‘I mean at least Kylie knows how to cut stuff.’

North West looks over her grilled cheese sandwich in the throwback pic

North West looks over her grilled cheese sandwich in the throwback picCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Chicago's Mother's Day gift was especially revealing

Chicago’s Mother’s Day gift was especially revealingCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Kendall Jenner was previously slammed for her cucumber-cutting technique

Kendall Jenner was previously slammed for her cucumber-cutting technique

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