Neymar’s doppelganger who has taken Qatar by storm

He looks just like the PSG player

Neymar “fake” gây náo loạn khán đài trận Brazil vs Thụy Sĩ - Ảnh 1.

His name is Eigon Oliveira and his TikTok account (@eigonoliver) has more than half a million followers.

The social media star is the spitting image of Brazil star Neymar, and along with a few accessories and a training jersey, he is fooling everyone into believing he is the player himself.

Hilarious Scenes in Qatar as Fake Neymar Steals the Spotlight During  Brazil's FIFA World Cup Match Against Switzerland - EssentiallySports

El doble de Neymar que causa sensación en Qatar… ¡y hasta se ha colado en el césped de un estadio

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Walking through the streets of Doha, he is constantly signing autographs and taking selfies… and has even managed to trick the security guards at a stadium to get onto the pitch with his toiletry bag in hand.

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