The most outrageous fashion looks ever of Cardi B

Cardi B is living her best life, starting with her fashion choices. Cardi quickly established herself as one of the most stylish celebrities in the music industry, and she has been doing it with the help of her personal stylist, Kollin Carter. The pair has put together some incredibly over-the-top looks that have gotten everyone’s attention—and the rapper has rocked every single one effortlessly. She has become a Fashion Week and red carpet staple, with people always looking forward to seeing what she’ll wear. And now she’s been named Style Influencer of the Year by the Footwear News Achievement Awards for 2020, an honor fellow musician J Balvin took in 2019.

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Cardi’s even been killing her casual and stage looks, too, wearing ‘fits that are just as out of this world as her personality, and there’s no denying that she’s become a force in the fashion world. Designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Moschino have been dressing her for major events and performances, and she even inked a deal with athletic wear company Reebok this year, designing her own limited edition collection of sneakers.

The ‘Bodak Yellow’ rapper has been taking full advantage of her access to these high-end brands and the best stylists in the game. Scroll through to see some of her most daring and risk-taking looks so far.

She received the highest accolades from a legend.

In December 2020, Card was named Style Influencer of the Year by FNAA, an organization that has doled out awards for anything and everything having to do with shoes since the 1980s. The association recruited legendary luxury footwear designer Christian Louboutin to present Cardi with the award, and he said, ‘She’s a force. She speaks her own language. The opposite of politically correct, which is so rare nowadays,’ he said.


Her ‘Billboard’ cover was jaw-dropping.

Cardi B was also named Woman of the Year by Billboard magazine this year, and as such appeared on the publication’s Women in Music 2020 issue. Her looks for the cover and the inside spread are a level of high fashion we’ve yet to see Cardi accomplish, despite her many print features. For the cover, she is standing on stilts hidden by a floor-length mermaid-style embellished skirt suit with a double-breasted jacket and massive ruffled collar. She looks like a work of art.


Cardi upgraded her ‘I Like It’ look for the Billboard feature.

Cardi took a series of gorgeous photos for the Billboard feature, and in one she’s wearing what looks like a major upgrade to her ‘I Like It’ music video wardrobe. She swapped out her red cleavage-baring dress for a more structured and fitted black gown with incredible ruffled flowers across the neckline and sleeves, and rather than wear an ornate headdress, her hair was literally designed to invoke the now iconic headdresses she wore in the music video.


She is art.

Cardi’s style has evolved so much as her influence and resources have grown. In a shot for Billboard that Cardi described as being inspired by legendary choreographer and dancer Debbie Allen, she looks like a living work of art in a bright blue polka dot dress and tights that cover every inch of the skin that we are so used to seeing from Cardi, proving that she is certainly not a one-trick pony when it comes to fashion.


Here she is lookin’ like she won the race before it even started.

Cardi posted this racy look on her Instagram grid with the caption: “Work was long today ….Stay tuned🖤.” She’s teasing us with something. Notice the very pointy breast area of her jumpsuit. Those things look dangerous.


She posted a very glam look in anticipation of her sneaker drop.

“So excited for my sneaker drop this Friday November 13th! Hope you guys love it!” she wrote when she posted a series of photos on November 10, 2020. The first couple of photos show her wearing all black, including a very wide-brimmed hat. Then the third photo shows a sneaker on the train of her outfit, which appears to be made out of hair. CRAZY!


She’s excited about the shoes!

Clearly, she is very excited about her sneaker collaboration with Reebok in this picture of herself wearing a dress that matches the red sneakers perfectly. Most people would go casual with their sneakers or fancy with their gowns, but Cardi is not most people.


She’s a kidder.

When we saw this look and read the caption, she totally got us! ‘Fun fact: all of these flowers on this dress are real …..JK they not 😂……anyways go check out ‘ME GUSTA’ @anitta @myketowers.’ We love that she has a great sense of humor.


Dressed to impress and show support.

In January 2020, Cardi dressed to play the part of supportive wifey during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. Her hubby, Offset, was there to show his clothing line, Laundered Works Corp, a collaboration with designer Chaz A. Jordan.


She wore feathers to court!

In December 2019, Cardi had to go to court over alleged assault charges at a strip club on August 28, 2019. Cardi decided to wear a rather demure-for-her buttoned-up white shirt with a tie, black slacks, and designer heels. All seemingly court-appropriate. BUT she topped off the look with an over-the-top feathered jacket with a long train and a hat that was anything but demure.

Cardi literally stopped traffic in Paris.

Splash News

Cardi literally stopped traffic in Paris.

The rapper flew to France for Paris Fashion Week in September 2019 and one of her outfits actually stopped traffic. The ensemble, designed by Richard Quinn, completely covered her face, and it was totally wild.

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