Are Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurants Actually Any Good? Here’s What Everyone Says About The Reality Star’s Cooking Outside Of Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay has a huge following thanks to his time on cooking competition shows, and fans have told the truth about what his restaurants are like.

As a TV chef with a super high net worth, Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself over the years thanks to his shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. The celebrity foodie is known for yelling at the people he is trying to help. And it’s no secret that he is incredibly passionate about what he does.

Ramsay has transformed many Kitchen Nightmares restaurants and done a lot of good in the culinary world. It seems like people really appreciate the support that he has given them. But what is the story with the restaurants that Gordon Ramsay owns himself? Do people love the food? Or do they think that they don’t live up to the hype?

Are Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas Restaurants Good?

Some celebrities own successful restaurants and Gordon Ramsay seems to own more than most. According to Parade, Gordon Ramsay has 58 restaurants. This is definitely an impressive number given the challenges of the industry. The fact that they are all still open must suggest that people like eating there, right?

Based on the Trip Advisor reviews of Gordon Ramsay’s Las Vegas restaurants, he has many happy customers who love the food that he is serving. But not everyone likes Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill.

The Las Vegas location has an average of 3.5 stars on TripAdvisor based on 6,047 reviews. While some reviews are positive, the negative ones stand out here, suggesting that it might not be as beloved as some of Ramsay’s other restaurants.

One review from December 2022 says that the food just didn’t measure up to their expectations. The customer wrote, “Oysters had to try because Gordon demands freshness- 2 shells had no meat. Had to try beef Wellington of course- it was so so so rare it almost was moo-ing. Great red sauce. Mashed potatoes were cold and had the gross cold hard crust on top (they had been pre-prepped and were obviously sitting around).”

Another review said that the food didn’t stand out at all: It was a pub like any other pub with a pretty limited menu and mediocre food.”

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Gordon Ramsay Burger in Las Vegas seems more popular, however. This location has an average of 4 stars on Trip Advisor with reviews saying “Amazing burgers” and “Best Burgers Ever.”

The menu at Gordon Ramsay Burger in Las Vegas includes starters like hellfire chicken wings and beer-battered onion rings. There are some super fancy burgers here, as one might expect, including the 24 hour burger which has “braised short rib, red eye bbq sauce, white cheddar cheese, brown sugar bacon, arugula, cold brew vinaigrette, pickled shallots” according to the website. Customers can also order fancy hot dogs, salads, cocktails, and delicious shakes for dessert.

Of course, Gordon Ramsay also has his Hell’s Kitchen restaurant at Cesar’s Palace. Customers can dine on the types of dishes they might expect, like beef wellington, braised short rib, and pan seared scallops.

Ramsey shared that Caesar’s Palace is a moneymaker in an interview with Vegas Magazine in February 2023. He said, “This year the revenue sales will be $55M in that one site, $1M a week. We have served more than 783,318 beef wellingtons, 489,702 pan-seared scallops, 369,863 orders of lobster risotto, and 716,097 sticky toffee puddings.”

Are Gordon Ramsay’s Other U.S. Restaurants Good?

When people leave online reviews of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants, the story is often similar. They wonder how good the food could possibly be given the high prices. Or perhaps they wonder because of Ramsay’s TV reputation.

Redditor @mutantandproud95 posted in the Chicago Food Subreddit that they loved their experience at the celebrity chef’s Chicago burger restaurant. They wrote, “Hit Gordon Ramsay Burger in River North. Really skeptical of paying $16 for a burger but it was honestly the best I’ve had in maybe my whole life.”

Ramsey also owns Gordon Ramsay Food Market, which is located in Cherokee, North Carolina at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort. Ramsay talked about opening the restaurant and said in his press release that the market would include many different types of food.

Ramsay wrote, “From Street Burger and Street Pizza to Fish & Chips, GR Sushi and more, we’ll highlight the very best local ingredients sourced from the region’s incredible farmers and artisans,” according to Restaurant Hospitality.

There are many positive reviews on Yelp of the Gordon Ramsay Food Market. A Yelp user praised the truffle fries and others really liked the fish and chips.

How Do People Feel About Restaurant Gordon Ramsay?

While Gordon Ramsay has some more casual places serving fish and chips and burgers, he also operates Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, his fine dining spot in London. It has three Michelin stars, which definitely suggests that it’s a popular and beloved place. But what do customers actually think about it?

According to the restaurant’s Trip Advisor page, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Of course, there are a few bad reviews, like there are for all of Ramsay’s restaurants. But the majority of people sound thrilled with the dining experience they had.

One review from February 2023 praised the food, which sounds pretty fancy. The customer wrote on TripAdvisor, “Canapés here were among the best I’ve ever had. The English muffin with caviar and maple syrup (the latter being poured tableside), whilst sounding like a potentially disastrous combination, tasted fabulous and was the sort of canapé where after eating one you’re going to want to eat another ten – sensational. Other canapés like the timeless classic truffle gougère and beef tartare tart impressed just as much.”

Other reviews have titles like “Outstanding” and “Amazing food and service” and “One of the few places still doing amazing fine dining.”

Some customers wonder what eating at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay will be like considering how angry the celebrity chef often looks on his TV shows Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. One customer wrote on Trip Advisor that it was “a pleasant and unexpected surprise.” They said they thought the food would be “gimmicky and crude” from his TV persona, but they really liked their meal.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay has a much fancier menu than the chef’s other spots. The A la carte menu includes a 100-Day aged Cumbrian Blue Grey and a Spring vegetable salad. Desserts include a Caramelized apple tarte tartin, which sounds incredible, along with a raspberry souffle and pecan praline.

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