Beyonce and Jay Z’s billion-dollar pre-nuptial contract revealed: with strict conditions that not everyone knows

Beyonce and Jay Z’s billion-dollar prenuptial contract

Jay-Z and Beyoncé married in 2008, officially the most powerful couple in American showbiz. Both have remarkable careers with a huge number of awards, assets and achievements combined.


Jay-Z and Beyoncé married in 2008, officially the most powerful couple in American showbiz.

They were also praised by Hollywood for their quiet, noiseless love story and for maintaining a long-term love relationship. However, that is probably just the surface embellished with the influence of the superstar couple.

Recently, the ‘Queen’ of R&B music Beyonce just revealed shocking information: her marriage to the ‘Heavenly Queen’ of hip-hop music Jay Z in 2008 was actually a contract. .

On the day of their marriage registration, Beyonce and Jay Z also signed a prenuptial contract

On the day of marriage registration, the two also signed a very fair marriage contract with detailed and completely serious content. Accordingly, if the two divorce within 2 years, Jay Z must compensate Beyonce 10 million USD, called ‘breakup costs’. If she can maintain the marriage for 15 years, Beyonce will receive $1 million per year from Zay. In addition, Beyonce also enjoys ownership benefits of $5 million for each of their two children. Currently, the relationship between the two is still very good.

Beyonce and Jay Z have one child together

Confirming that the relationship between her and Jay Z is sincere, Beyoncé still asserts: ‘In life, not everything can be resolved quickly even as a husband and wife, so girls must be brave and confident in their choices.’ choose the same decision as me. You can create a contract like I did with my future husband.’

Beyonce added: ‘I think girls should be brave and confident in making decisions like me. You can create a contract like I did with my future husband.’


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