Beyonce has revealed that although her husband Jay-Z wasn’t her first boyfriend, he was her ‘first man.’

Beyonce Knowles has revealed that although her husband Jay-Z was not her first boyfriend, he was her ‘first man’.

Growing up in the girl group Destiny’s Child has helped Beyonce have a healthy environment when struggling with her love life.

She confided: ‘Everyone is surprised why I lack so much love experience. When I was 12 or 13 years old, I had my first boyfriend. We loved each other until I was 17 years old. At that age, that love was truly strong. I’m very loyal and still immature. Even though we’re too young to have a boyfriend, we don’t live together. It was my first love until I met my soulmate, my husband, Jay-Z.’

The ‘Halo’ singer said that in the past, same-sex friendships helped her escape unhealthy relationships with men. “I think I’m a feminist,” Knowles said. Maybe because I grew up in a girl group, I grew up a good girl. Working with the group helps me escape troubles and unhealthy relationships.’

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