Beyoncé sent me some lovely flowers – Cardi B happily posted story after a rare gift from Bey for her birthday

American rapper, Cardi B thanked Grammy winning singer, Beyoncé for the thoughtful birthday gift she got from her in honor of turning 30.

The “WAP” rapper turned 30 on October 11 and appreciated Queen Bey on Instagram on Sunday for her belated birthday gift of a sizable bouquet of gorgeous white roses (October 16).

“Oh yeah bitch cause motherfucking Beyoncé sent me some motherfucking flowers,” Cardi said in a post on her Instagram Story. “At this point, I’m about to pull up to her house with some vegan cupcakes or something. Thank you so much.”

Cardi celebrated her 30th birthday with a cabaret-theme party on Tuesday night (October 11) at Poppy in Los Angeles, California, deeming it “Cardi’s Dirty Thirty Cabaret.”

In the past few years, Beyoncé and Cardi have become close friends. With Cardi B’s help, the R&B legend joined TikTok earlier in 2022.

Watch the video below;

Reacting to this, some followers showered praises on Beyonce for showing love to her colleague.

konfidence wrote; iY’all keep saying Beyoncé send everybody flowers for they birthday shit I never I never got none

phuck_chyna wrote; I love her personality, with some vegan cupcakes or something  iHow could you not love CARDI man 

kool_shai wrote; As soon as she started singing I cackled lmao this lady is funny af man and that’s why she start winning.. she just herself

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