Hot: information about the person having an affair with Beyonce’s husband was surprisingly revealed

Designer Rachel Roy and singer Rita Ora are two people suspected of having an affair with music producer Jay Z.

The album Lemonade that Beyonce recently released caused a stir in Hollywood. The album contains many songs about the pain of infidelity, said to be aimed at Jay Z – her husband. The lyrics of the song Sorry accuse a girl named ‘Becky with beautiful hair’ of being the one who divided her and her husband’s happiness. Fans then ‘hunted’ for this mysterious woman.


Rachel Roy (center) was rumored to have had an affair with Jay Z (right) in 2014.

Fashion designer Rachel Roy was targeted after posting mockery of Beyonce’s song Sorry on her personal page. She wrote: ‘Beautiful hair doesn’t care, we only care about beautiful lighting to take selfies or reveal the truth. Live in the light and never be a scandal queen.’

Faced with backlash from Beyonce fans , Rachel Roy later had to delete the information she wrote and correct: ‘I respect love, marriage, family.’

Rachel Roy was rumored to have had an affair with Beyonce’s husband – Jay Z – in 2014. However, both kept silent.


Rachel Roy posted a photo on her personal page, referring to herself as ‘Becky with beautiful hair’.

In addition to Rachel Roy, Beyonce’s fans also targeted Rita Ora and said she could be ‘Becky with beautiful hair’. On April 21, when Beyonce released the album Lemonade , Rita Ora posted on her personal page a photo of her bust with a lemon-shaped bra (targeting the name of Beyonce’s album). On her neck, Rita Ora wore a ‘J’ shaped necklace, making many people think that she meant she was Becky.

Just a few hours after Rita Ora posted the photo, her Instagram page was ‘flooded’ with comments. Fans posted many lemon and bee emojis (Beyonce’s nickname) to express their emotions.

Rita Ora and Jay Z once worked together and were also rumored to be having an affair in 2014. Rita Ora’s representative has not made any statement.


Jay Z and Rita Ora (right) were also rumored to be in a relationship.

Beyonce’s mother said she felt proud of her daughter when she achieved success despite many difficulties in life.

Beyonce and Jay Z have long been rumored to have marital problems . Jay Z was accused of promiscuity and adultery with many beautiful women in Hollywood. However, Beyonce has never spoken out about the rumors.

Beyonce's song 'Sorry'

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