Hotel Hell! Gordon Ramsay re.veals he caught nits from p.ill.ow case in… after in.itia.lly his daughter

He stars in a programme called Hotel Hell – and television chef Gordon Ramsay certainly experienced that when he caught nits after staying in a hotel in Vermont.

The 48-year-old offered the revelation during one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything online chats, explaining that he wrongly blamed his 12-year-old daughter Matilda for the infestation at first.

Reddit is a social media forum which invited users to interact and ask the outspoken potty-mouthed chef questions.

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Not nice: Gordon Ramsay revealed he caught nits after staying in a hotel in Vermont during a Reddit chat - but intially thought his daughter Matilda was to blame for the infestation

One user asked him: ‘Have you ever literally gotten sick from a horrible hotel in Hotel Hell?’

Gordon replied: ‘Ehm – you know, sometimes it doesn’t happen until 2-3 days later.

‘No, I’ve never really got sick, but I was in a hotel last year in Vermont, and I didn’t realize until I got home that I caught nits in the hotel.

He told the site: 'So I had my hair checked by my wife Tara, and I traced it back to the pillowcase in Vermont! So I apologized to Matilda'

‘And I did something really bad- because I thought it was my daughter. I thought it was my youngest daughter, Matilda, and then it turns out it was ME with the nits.

‘So I had my hair checked by my wife Tara, and I traced it back to the pillowcase in Vermont! So I apologized to Matilda.

‘Because, you know, she’s young and quite often kids get nits, and then my wife said ‘Listen, you’re wrong. Tilly didn’t give you nits.’

Gordon also spoke about his famous temper, after another user asked him about how he comes up with his ‘witty insults.’

‘Heh! Witty insults?’ he replied. ‘Ehm… it just happens sort of spur-of-the-moment. I see red, I get frustrated, I let it go. I’m not very good at editing myself. I have to get things off my chest.

‘If there’s one thing my mum taught me, it’s speak your mind, be firm, get things off your chest. I think it’s a good way to work, and quite healthy to have that attitude.

‘Do I think about it previously? No, they just come to me in a flashpoint. And sometimes even I sit back and think Did I just say that?’

Not impressed: Gordon is very opinionated when it comes to his views on how a hotel should be run - he even has a show about it

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