Jay Z cried when his mother confessed to being homosexual: I’m so happy because my mother is free

The 47-year-old male singer could not control his emotions when his mother was finally able to freely open up to her children.

Jay Z cried when his mother confessed that she was homosexual - Picture 1

Jay Z and mother.

Mrs. Gloria Carter – rapper Jay Z’s mother – raised four children alone after her husband abandoned the family. For decades, because she was afraid of society ‘s prejudices and worried about hurting her children, Gloria hid herself as a lesbian. Until 8 months ago, Jay Z’s mother opened up and confessed that she was in love with a woman.

‘I’m very happy because my mother is free,’ Jay Z confided in a talk show with David Letterman on April 3. The rapper confided: ‘Imagine having to live your whole life for others and always worry about protecting your children. My mother had to live as someone she was not, hiding and trying to protect her children. I don’t want my children to feel ashamed. When my mother sat in front of me and said: I think I love someone, I cried.’

Jay Z shared about his mother in an interview

Beyonce’s husband revealed that he actually knew his mother’s secret for a long time, but when she first told it, he couldn’t hide his emotions: ‘I knew it. But that was the first time we talked and also the first time I heard my mother say she was in love. My mother said ‘I feel like’ then hesitated for a moment. She didn’t say ‘I’m in love’ but said ‘I feel like I love someone’. I listened and just cried. I can’t believe I cried because of happiness.’

In the song Smile released last September, Jay Z wrote about his mother with emotional rap lines such as: ‘My mother has 4 children, but she is a lesbian / She had to pretend for too long and hide it.’ Hide this/ The shame in front of society and the pain you carry are too great/ I cried with joy when you loved again/ Don’t care if you think that person is a boy or a girl.

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