Reje.cted by the school because of his shortness, the male stu.dent was accept.ed as a chef by chef Gordon Ramsay

Louis Makepeace , a young man born with ‘dwarfism’, was trained by the famous British chef Gordon Ramsay.

Rejected by school because of his shortness, the male student was accepted by chef Gordon Ramsay to teach him the profession - Picture 1

Makepeace still hasn’t given up his dream of becoming a chef – BBC SCREEN CAPTURE

According to BBC on August 29, Makepeace said that the leadership of Heart of Worcestershire University in England refused to accept him to study even though he initially agreed. They believe that the modest height of this 18 year old male student is not suitable for cooking .

At nearly 1.2m tall, Makepeace says he was discriminated against by Heart of Worcestershire College.

Knowing the above information, famous chef Gordon Ramsay criticized the school for rejecting the student due to his birth defect.

“What a reprehensible attitude. I would give him an apprenticeship any day,” Mr. Ramsay wrote on Twitter.

Rejected by school because of his shortness, the male student was accepted by chef Gordon Ramsay to teach him the profession - Picture 2

Chef Gordon Ramsay – BBC SCREEN CAPTURE

Ramsay’s representative has also confirmed that Mr. Ramsay’s above statement is an official job offer.

This young man from the city of Worcester in England shared that he felt very excited about Chef Ramsay’s offer, and said that even though he was rejected by the school, he still wanted to become a chef and someday You will be able to open your own cafe or restaurant.


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