Revealing the secret that caused Beyonce and Jay Z to break up for a while: The big reason came from Rihanna

The book ‘Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story’ reveals many stories about Beyonce’s personal life and focuses mainly on the life behind her marriage.

J. Randy Taraborrelli, journalist and celebrity biographer, is about to release a new book called Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story . This best-selling author reveals many stories behind the married life of Beyonce and Jay Z.


Jay Z was once possessed by the ghost of dating Rihanna (left), causing problems in his marriage.

J. Randy Taraborrelli wrote in the book that there was a period when Beyonce (34 years old) and Jay Z (45 years old) secretly broke up because there were rumors that the black rapper was dating singer Rihanna. The author of the book Becoming Beyonce: The Untold Story also affirmed that although most of the adultery information was untrue, Beyonce and her husband’s relationship was having problems.

Taraborrelli shared with  Entertainment Tonight : ‘Beyonce didn’t know what to do with this and they actually had a period of time where they went their separate ways. That period lasted about a year and Beyonce didn’t know how to deal with it either.’ ‘What’s going on with Rihanna? But it can be said that Rihanna and Beyonce are still friends.’

Beyonce’s representative did not comment on the information given in the book.


Jay Z and Beyonce are still facing divorce rumors even though they always show their affection in public.

Journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli’s book also mentions the argument between Beyonce’s sister and Jay Z in an elevator in May 2014. Taraborrelli claims to have heard from witnesses at the Met Gala that Solange did not want her brother-in-law to attend Rihanna’s party after the charity function ended, which led to the elevator fight.

Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story will be released on October 27.


Journalist J. Randy Taraborrelli.

J. Randy Taraborrelli has written 18 biographies of famous people, 14 of which made the New York Times bestseller list . Famous works of J. Randy Taraborrelli include The Hiltons – The True Story of an American Dynasty (2014), The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe (2009), Michael Jackson – The Magic and the Madness (1991). ..

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