David Beckham continues to be criticized for kissing his daughter Harper’s lips, the football legend’s response leaves fans speechless

The male player does not hesitate to kiss his child in public or post photos on social networks.

World star David Beckham is famous for being a ‘crazy’ father and is often seen kissing his youngest daughter Harper Bechkam on the lips.

DAVID Beckham shared a sweet clip showing him kissing daughter Harper after she did his make-up.

The 48-year-old posted the video on Instagram, showing Harper, 12, getting him ready for wife Victoria’s Paris Fashion Week show.

David shared a clip of Harper doing his make-up

David shared a clip of Harper doing his make-up. Credit: Instagram

The father daughter duo shared a sweet kiss when Harper was finished

The father daughter duo shared a sweet kiss when Harper was finished. Credit: Instagram

In the clip the father and daughter duo could be seen singing along to a Taylor Swift track as Harper worked on dad David’s face.

He wrote: ‘My little makeup artist is good & has a great playlist. @taylorswift .. We are on our way mummy @victoriabeckham.’

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-3

When Harper turned 10, David began to receive harsh criticism from the online community when he posted photos of the father and son kissing on social networks.

Some netizens commented: ‘The girl has grown up, now is the time to stop kissing’, ‘It’s terrible to kiss a girl like that’, ‘It’s beautiful but wait, don’t lock your lips.’ like that’, ‘David Beckham is really thick-skinned, he has been commented on all this without changing anything. Is he going to kiss his daughter until she has a lover?’, ‘It looks really offensive. ‘,…

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-1

Beckham kissed his daughter since she was a baby.

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-4

However, there are also some parents who sympathize and fully support the former player from England. They said : ‘There’s nothing wrong with parents expressing their affection by kissing. It’s just a way to express their feelings’, ‘It’s great to see the father-child relationship bond like this’, ‘No So if you think too deeply, David is just addicted to you’…

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-2

As for David Beckham, the father of four did not hesitate to speak out against criticism of his daughter’s kiss on the lips. ‘I’m very affectionate with the children, that’s how Victoria and I grew up and raised our children,’ he explained .

‘We wanted to show love to the kids, and you know, my family is very affectionate,’ he continued .

Even in the past, David Beckham frankly expressed that he kissed all his children. He shared: ‘I was criticized for kissing my daughter on the lips. I kiss all my children on the lips, except maybe Brooklyn. Brooklyn is 18 years old and might find that a bit strange.’

However, in the eyes of many people, the former player kissing Harper Beckham was somewhat inappropriate.

Male footballer David Beckham and former Spicy Girl member Victoria Bekham are considered the dream couple of the entertainment industry. The couple has been married for 23 years and has four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and Harper.

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-5

Among them, the youngest girl, Harper, is the only girl and receives a lot of pampering from her parents and brothers.

From the moment she was born, Harper was considered a princess with a golden spoon, becoming the focus of the media.

During puberty, Harper took on the appearance of a beautiful young woman with shiny blonde hair, a tall figure, and an increasingly clear personality. However, when she is with her father, Harper is still a little princess, loved very much.

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-6

With a father who is a world-famous football player and a mother who is a singer and fashion designer, Harper Beckham has experienced many self-discovery activities, from attending the world’s top fashion shows to exercising. Sports and art studies at one of the most prestigious schools in England, known as ‘the art training center for the nobility’.

It can be seen that David Beakham and his wife invested heavily in their little princess, creating conditions for her to develop her talents to the maximum extent. Besides, the couple also raises their children extremely strictly.

Bị chỉ trích vì hôn chạm môi con gái 11 tuổi, David Beckham đáp trả ai cũng câm nín-7

Few people know, Victoria has strictly forbidden Harper from wearing makeup when going out, except on special important occasions. In addition, the A-list couple also sets rules for their children’s dating as well as controls the content they post on social networks.

‘We are strong and strict parents. But we are just like most other parents. We love our children and only want the best for them,’ the father of four children shared .

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