Is a complete transformation a stepping stone for Angelina Jolie’s Tomboy daughter to enter showbiz?

Shiloh, the first biological daughter between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, is considered to be a potential young star in the future if she follows the artistic path.

Shiloh received special attention from the media because she is the first biological child of two of the world’s top stars, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The girl inherited the harmonious beauty of both her parents. However, since she was a child, Shiloh has been different because she likes to cut her hair and dress like a boy.

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

Shiloh was originally associated with the image of a tomboy, but recently there has been a surprising change.

During his childhood years, Shiloh was associated with the image of a true tomboy. There are even reports that Angelina’s daughter wants to change gender. As for Jolie, she lets her children develop naturally and freely do what they want. She accepts Shiloh for who she is and hopes she will change accordingly when she grows up.

Just as Angelina predicted, Shiloh entered puberty with big changes. She dresses more femininely, knows how to apply makeup, and beautify herself. The fact that Shiloh continuously wears dresses, makes up radiantly, and confidently strides at events with her mother and siblings recently shows that she is mentally well prepared for the ‘transformation’.

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

Angelina Jolie’s daughter, who once intended to transition, transformed herself with a feminine, fashionable image at events.

Many people believe that with her beauty and the support of her parents, Shiloh can completely become a potential young star in the future. Currently, Shiloh is still passionate about dancing. This is also the detail that makes netizens judge that she will likely enter showbiz and follow the artistic path.

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

Shiloh is expected to enter showbiz after a spectacular transformation.

Although they don’t know what Shiloh’s choice is, fans feel happy because the 15-year-old girl has finally overcome herself to shine in a very unique way. Many fans even photoshopped Shiloh’s long hair with the hope that one day Angelina’s daughter would lose her bun and let down her long-hidden hair.

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

shiloh, angelina jolie's daughter, stars

Fans hope to see Shiloh appear with long, flowing hair like this.

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