Just the other day, Cardi B threw a clog in her face, but now Cardi B implicitly compliments Nicki Minaj

Despite having conflicts with her seniors, Cardi B still shows respect for Nicki Minaj’s talent.

The feud between artists is always a hot topic, receiving a lot of interest and attention from the fan community. We can easily name pairs of artists who ‘don’t wait together’ in the music industry such as: Mariah Carey – Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears – Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift – Katy Perry,…

It would be a mistake if we did not talk about the ‘rice is not good, soup is not sweet’ relationship between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj – the two female rappers who are dominating the music market today, culminating in the fight. at a fashion event in September 2018.

Just the other day, Cardi B threw a clog in her face, but now Cardi B implicitly compliments Nicki Minaj -1
The clash that shocked the entertainment industry for a while between two famous female rappers.

Now, after nearly two years since the scandal that shook the entertainment industry, the owner of the hit Bodak Yellow has some surprising shares about his seniors, starting with recalling his childhood memories:

“When I was little, maybe when I was eight years old. No, wait a minute, exactly when I was six, seven and eight years old, there were a lot of different female rappers. And then in the years that followed, there weren’t any female rappers at all. I had to play songs from the early 2000s over and over again. I kept playing them over and over again because at that time there were no female rappers to listen to .’

Just the other day, Cardi B threw a clog in her face, but now Cardi B implicitly compliments Nicki Minaj -2

Before Nicki Minaj, female rappers like Missy Elliott and Lil Kim once ‘stormed’ the charts.

Although she did not mention Nicki Minaj’s name in her interview, the online community thought she was secretly praising female rapper Super Bass when she said:

‘ And then there was a female rapper who appeared and dominated the market for a long time. And she really did very well. Even now her position still hasn’t changed. You never know. What will happen tomorrow? You never know when the audience will turn away from female rappers or there will be no female rappers left on the market at all .’

Returning with the single WAP after more than a year of absence from the music market, Cardi B quickly broke a series of records and is currently guaranteed a debut at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with a record high score next week. Wishing the mother of one will have a truly successful comeback!

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