The completely opposite image of Hollywood’s top star – Angelina Jolie surprised everyone

Actress Angelina Jolie looks luxurious, like an A-list star when in Paris, but surprisingly rustic and simple when in Iraq.

Recently some beautiful photos of Angelina Jolie during her trip to Paris were posted. In this series of photos, Brad Pitt’s ex-wife appears elegant and attractive in a white outfit. She did her hair and makeup like a top Hollywood star. It must be admitted that even though Angelina has turned 47 years old, she still maintains a sweet beauty that is difficult for anyone to have.

Female star, angelina jolie, bare face, hollywood star

Female star, angelina jolie, bare face, hollywood star

Angelina Jolie looks luxurious and beautiful when appearing in Paris.

In contrast to her luxurious image in France, the mother of six children above gives people a completely different look in her pictures in Iraq. It is known that here Jolie met with survivors of the massacre in the village of Kojo, in the North of the country in 2014.

Female star, angelina jolie, bare face, hollywood star

Female star, angelina jolie, bare face, hollywood star

This mother of 6 children left her face bare and dressed simply when she was in Iraq.

Although lacking the support of makeup, Angelina looks fresh and rustic. That’s why she easily gets along with local people despite the language barrier.

Angelina Jolie is currently focusing on her acting and directing career. In addition, she also actively participates in social activities. At the end of last year, Jolie announced her departure from her role as special envoy of the United Nations refugee agency after a long period of service. She promised to continue doing everything in her power to support refugees as well as other migrants. Angelina emphasized that she felt it was time for her to ‘do something different’.

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