VFX artists criticize Marvel for having low salaries and always having unreasonable deadlines for product submissions

Many special effects artists have expressed their outrage at Marvel Studios’ unprofessional working style.

Techniques and visual effects (VFX) are one of the important factors that greatly contribute to the success of Hollywood blockbusters. If the script or the actor’s performance can satisfy the audience in terms of content, then it is VFX that meets their visual needs, thereby bringing the most complete and perfect experience.

Marvel is no exception when special effects have helped them create many eye-catching billion-dollar works such as Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame . However, recently, many VFX artists suddenly criticized this studio for its unprofessional work management, often giving unreasonable deadlines. Some people even commented that “ Marvel is the worst company they have ever worked with ”.

VFX artists criticize Marvel for having low salaries and always having unreasonable deadlines for product submissions - Photo 1.

Marvel Studios is facing a wave of harsh criticism from VFX artists.

The wave of criticism of the ‘giant’ Disney started from a topic on Reddit called: ‘ I’m so tired and frustrated with Marvel projects! ”. User with the nickname Independent-Ad419, the owner of this topic, said: ‘ Perhaps Marvel is the company with the worst production and special effects management methods today! It’s always the same, the show has been running for more than half its duration and they haven’t finished editing the visuals yet. VFX artists working with Marvel are certainly not paid what they put in .’

‘ The attraction of collaborating with Marvel is being pushed to the extreme, and I just want to participate in normal television projects after a decade of working with them. ‘

VFX artists criticize Marvel for its heavy, low salaries and unreasonable deadlines for product submissions - Photo 2.

Marvel Studios was criticized for ‘exploiting’ VFX artists too much.

And surprisingly, within this topic, many VFX artists expressed their frustration after working with Marvel Studios for a long time.

For example, user RANDVR was quite harsh with the ‘father’ of the MCU: ‘ I am currently participating in my 3rd consecutive Marvel project. It’s not an exaggeration, I actually had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to work, constantly feeling stressed and wanting to give up. It’s 6 a.m. now, and I’m applying to other places, studios that don’t work with Marvel, because I really can’t do it anymore .’

The wave of criticism of Marvel Studios even spread to other social networking platforms. On Twitter, Dhruv Govil, a VFX artist who participated in Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man projects, said: “ Marvel is the main reason why I decided to leave the special effects field. They are truly terrible customers. I myself have seen many colleagues collapse after constantly being overworked, while Marvel continuously tightens costs on visual effects .

VFX artists criticize Marvel for its heavy, low salaries and unreasonable deadlines for product submissions - Photo 3.

The VFX artist of Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man even gave up his passion after collaborating with Marvel.

Currently, Marvel Studios remains silent on this issue. However, if there are no appropriate adjustments in terms of management or salary mechanism for the VFX artists team, it is likely that their future projects will be severely affected and no longer have the same quality as before. .

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