Winning Ballon d’Or, Messi admitted he wanted to return to Barca

Barca Universal’s twitter page quoted Lionel Messi’s statements about the Camp Nou home team.

Speaking after being honored at the 2023 Golden Ball Awards, Lionel Messi gave many words of gratitude to Barcelona. The Argentinian star shared:

‘Of course I follow Barca . This is the club I love and will love forever.”

‘Barcelona have a great squad. They are ready to be able to fight for the Champions League title . I have no doubt that they are the favorites to win, but they don’t need to put pressure on themselves.’ .’

Messi emotionally paid tribute to Maradona after winning his 8th Golden Ball - Football

Messi still loves Barca.

‘It was a strange feeling when I left Barca . After what I went through there, I didn’t want to leave like that. Barca is my home. I love this club and admire the fans member, I would be very grateful to come back here again.”

“I want to say goodbye to Barca fans in a different way. I deserve to say goodbye to the people who have shared happy and sad times with me.’

‘I always and will always follow Barcelona. This is the club of my life.’

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