5 Tips To Make ‘Delhi Wali Aloo-Tikki’ Cravings At Home

A trip to Delhi is incomplete without the scrumptious and mouth-watering ‘aloo tikki’. Made with basic ingredients and topped with spices and chutneys, a perfect Delhi-style aloo tikki can show you a really good time. If planning to make it at home, here are 5 tips that can help!

5 Tips To Make 'Delhi Wali Aloo-Tikki' Cravings At Home

We Indians love street-food! Be it Gujarat or Maharashtra, be it Punjab or Bihar, every state has delicious street food to offer. And, when it comes to Delhi, the street-food here is irresistibly delicious and lip-smacking. From kulche chole to momos, there are so many delights that one can find commonly on the streets of Delhi. But this piece is dedicated to something more special. We are talking about the ultimate Aloo Tikki. We know that this word is enough to make you drool!

Delhi’s aloo tikki is special due to so many reasons. Hot and crispy aloo tikki can never disappoint you. You can have it with your evening tea, chole, sev, dahi and what not? But Delhi-style aloo tikki has quite many fans. Crispy aloo patty served with chole, curd, spices and flavourful chutneys served at every nook and corner of Delhi is what we deserve to enjoy. So, if you are making Delhi-style aloo tikki at home, we have some handy tips for you!

Choose The Right Potatoes 

Choosing the right potatoes is essential for a scrumptious aloo-tikki. To get the right texture of aloo tikki, we must try to get more starchy potatoes that can help in binding the tikkis properly. So, net time, search for starchy potatoes rather than the regular ones.

Mashing Is the Key 

The second most important factor that needs to be taken care of while making aloo tikki, is mashing the potatoes. To get the right taste and texture of aloo tikki, the potatoes should be mashed properly. It should be taken care that not even a bit of a lump is left. Because if there are lumps, the tikki will tend to fall apart.

Coating Is Essential 

Next essential step to make aloo tikki is to coat it well. Proper coating helps in forming a protective layer over the tikki which gives it a plain and uniform look. Though corn flour is considered best for coating, one can literally use any sort of flour to coat the tikki.

Freezing Is Essential 

This is one such step we all know about, but still, we can make mistakes. But this is the most crucial step. To make aloo tikki, one must freeze the tikkis for some time before frying. This process helps in making the tikkis stiff and does the binding properly.

Fry It Well 

While frying tikki, it is essential to take care of the temperature. Temperature is essential because cold oil will make the tikkis soggy while the hot oil will burn it. So, to avoid all these problems, it is essential to keep the oil at medium oil.

Try these tips and let us know if they worked for you!

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