7 Foods To Avoid Storing In The Refrigerator

Refrigerator is a boon in our lives. We all are dependent on that appliance for keeping our food fresh. Do you know you should not store these intems in the fridge?

7 Foods To Avoid Storing In The Refrigerator
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The refrigerator is a godsend for our kitchens. It allows prepared foods to be stored in the fridge and eaten again, thereby extending their shelf life. Although the refrigerator is a blessing for our kitchens and aids in preserving the freshness of our foods and beverages for a longer period of time, it may surprise you to learn that a lot of vegetables and other foods do better without refrigeration. There are some basic items that many of us keep in the fridge that can be damaged and difficult to eat due to the cold temperature.

Here is a list of food items that should not be refrigerated:


You should never keep onions in the refrigerator unless they have already been peeled, because doing so could cause them to become prematurely mouldy and mushy. If you peel an onion and use only a portion of it or don’t use it at all, put it in the refrigerator in an airtight container and use it within a day.

Unripe Tomatoes

Normally, tomatoes are kept in the refrigerator; however, this practise is less beneficial. When you keep unripe tomatoes in the refrigerator, the temperature can harm the membrane, resulting in flavour and texture loss and mushy tomatoes. Ripe tomatoes, on the other hand, are fine to store in the fridge in plastic bags.

Nuts and dry fruits

Many people store dry fruits and nuts in refrigerators to prevent them from getting stale. The refrigerator’s conditions rob them of their nutty flavour by absorbing the smell of other foods in the fridge. One should always store dry fruits in an airtight container at room temperature.


Never put unpeeled potatoes in the fridge. The starch in the vegetable turns into sugar because of the chilly temperature. Chemicals that could be harmful to health are produced when sugar and amino acids mix. Moreover, the humidity in the fridge might hasten decomposition. Potatoes must be stored in net bags or on rags in dark places. You can put peeled potatoes in water and then put them in the refrigerator, but you must eat them within a day.

Basil leaves

You don’t want your fresh basil leaves to become dried out, lose their vibrant green colour, and wilt quickly, do you? So, never cool them. Instead, place the leaves and their stems in a container filled with water and set it out on a kitchen shelf.


If you put oil in the fridge, it could get solid and develop an unpleasant buttery texture. This holds true for all types of cooking oils or fats, including olive oil, coconut oil, and vegetable oil. It is better to store them in the kitchen pantry’s shade and use them before they go bad.


As soon as you buy bread, you presumably put it in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life. Nevertheless, it actually has the opposite effect. Bread may become stale sooner if it is refrigerated. Also, the chilly temperature makes it hard and chewy. Store your bread away from direct sunlight in a cool spot outside the pantry to keep it fresh.

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