The Art Of Steaming! Here Is Why You Must Try It

Among the several cooking methods, steaming has the highest advantages. Said to be the healthiest, it assures food retains its nutritional value and isn’t laden with additional fat. It lowers the chances of burnt or overcooked food. It makes food light, healthy, and gentle on the tummy
The Art Of Steaming! Here Is Why You Must Try It

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For years, it has been an ongoing debate among food health experts on the superiority of boiling VS steaming. Beating the conventional cooking methods, steaming has been considered a healthier way than all. Typically, steaming is done in a steamer or colander placed above a boiling saucepan. Since the technique is performed by continuously boiling the water, this finally cooks the foods without spoiling their natural nutritional value. The Yellow River Valley in China has some of the world’s earliest examples of steam cooking. Stoneware steam cookers from antiquity as early as 5,000 BCE have been discovered. Here are some hot secrets about the benefits of steaming for a healthy lifestyle. Read on to know what they are.

Zero added fat

When steamed, cooking needs no oil, something unusual with other cooking methods like baking, grilling or frying. This means the cooking contains zero added fat than food that has been prepared using oil, ghee or butter.

Traditional steam cooking, Image Source: Pexels

Zero chance of over-cooking 

Chances of food being over-cooked or burnt become high when we fry, grill or oven-cook them. In the case of cooking using a steamer, one can set a timer which ensures that your recipe is thoroughly steamed and entirely edible. Of course, one must pay attention to the water ratio and heat amount. Several types of food can be steamed simultaneously with no cross-flavours. This can save cooking time.

Retains vitamins

When we fry or grill any food, many essential vitamins are wasted or lost in the process. Studies have shown in steaming, the damage is relatively minimal. Thus, steamed food generally contains a higher vitamin content. You have a solid reason why to eat such food now. Several vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage, contain glucosinolates, a cancer-fighting component. Glucosinolates are destroyed when overcooked. However, if the vegetables are steamed at a low temperature using only a small quantity of water, their beneficial composite is conserved.

The Correct Methodology Steaming:

While steaming the food, ensure that there is an adequate amount of heat around the food. Otherwise, the food may remain undercooked or turn rubbery. Remember not to overload the steamer or pile the food because it will cause uneven cooking. You can almost prepare anything through steam cooking.

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