La nueva película de Jennifer López causa fiebre en Netflix pese a las críticas: ¿Cuál es el secreto del éxito?

Jennifer Lopez is riding high again after her Netflix sci-fi thriller Atlas emerged triumphant among among streaming films.

Atlas was the most streamed film for the week of May 24–30 in Luminate’s streaming rankings, according to Variety.

And it wasn’t just the number one film — it clobbered the other streaming films in the top 10, with the second-place entry being watched approximately one billion minutes fewer than Atlas was.

The positive streaming numbers are some much-needed good news for Lopez, 54, who has lately struggled with a barrage of negative reviews for her latest movie.

She has also been beset by reports of marriage issues with her husband Ben Affleck, who has been living separately in a rented mansion for weeks, and Live Nation announced last week that she had canceled the entirety of her upcoming tour.

Jennifer Lopez is riding high again after her Netflix sci-fi thriller Atlas emerged triumphant among among streaming films; still from Atlas

Netflix’s Atlas was the most streamed film for the week of May 24–30 in Luminate’s streaming rankings, according to Variety; seen May 20 in LA

According to Luminate’s ratings, Atlas logged 1.3 billion minutes watched over the week.

That amounted to close to 11 million views, according to the analytics firm.

However, that appears to be a simplistic and somewhat abstract figure, as it was simply arrived by dividing the total number of minutes by the film’s runtime, 120 minutes.

However, many viewers likely only sampled the film and watched a few minutes, so the true number of times Atlas was viewed aren’t clear from the latest rankings.

Netflix is famously opaque with its viewership data, releasing it when it sees fit, but the streaming service counts only two minutes watched as a ‘view.’

Still, Atlas’ number of minutes viewed made it the biggest film of the week among major streaming services.

In fact, it was also watched more than any series over that time period, with the most-viewed show, Bridgerton, only scoring 766.8 million estimated minutes watched.

The second most-viewed film was Netflix’s Mother Of The Bride with 223 million estimated minutes watched, while Prime Video’s The Blue Angels was viewed for 181.4 million minutes.

Rounding out the top 10 were Netflix’s Thelma The Unicorn, Prime Video’s The Idea Of You, Unfrosted (Netflix), The Beach Boys (Disney), In Good Hands 2 (Neflix), Golden Kamuy (Netflix) and Road House (Prime Video).

Although it’s unclear how many people actually watched Atlas in full, the incredible ranking the film received suggests that there is significant interest in her and the film.

And it wasn’t just the number one film — it clobbered the other streaming films in the top 10, with the second-place entry being watched approximately one billion minutes fewer than Atlas was

According to Luminate’s ratings, Atlas logged 1.3B minutes watched over the week, amounting to 11M views. Netflix’s Mother Of The Bride only had 223M minutes, by comparison

Atlas was even watched more minutes than the most popular streaming show, Netflix’s Bridgerton. However, Jennifer received terrible reviews for the sci-fi thriller; seen May 21 in Mexico

The film currently has a 21 percent rotten rating from the most prestigious film critics surveyed by Rotten Tomatoes

On Metacritic, which assess the strengths of pans and praise, Atlas scored a 37 out of 100, indicating ‘generally unfavorable’ reviews.

Jennifer’s marriage to Ben Affleck has recently been under scrutiny after they were not seen together in public for weeks, after their loved-up scenes were once seemingly omnipresent earlier in their relationship and marriage.

Last week, the couple made a rare united front to celebrate Ben’s daughter Violet, 18, at her graduation party, which they attended at his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s home.

But photos revealed that after the party, they headed straight back to Ben’s rental mansion, and the Out Of Sight actress swiftly departed with just her assistant almost as soon as they had arrived.

Ben and Jennifer again reunited on Sunday to attend his son Samuel’s basketball game, which was also attended by Ben’s mother Chris and his ex-wife.

Notably, the couple, who looked particularly stone-faced at the graduation party, greeted each other with an awkward air kiss by the cheek at the game.

The meet-up came just days after the I’m Real singer canceled her entire summer tour ‘to be with her children, family and close friends.’

‘I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down,’ the Hustlers star began in a statement.

‘Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary.

The streaming win comes amid rumors of marital troubles with husband Ben Affleck. He has been living in a rented home for weeks, and they have rarely been seen together in recent months; seen in May 2023 in LA

They reunited last week for his daughter’s graduation party, but they then returned to his rented home and Jennifer immediately left alone

Jennifer also had a setback when she canceled her summer tour to be with family. A source told it had been selling well before the cancellation; seen in February in NYC

‘I promise I will make it up to you and we will all be together again. I love you all so much. Until next time…’ she wrote.

A source told that she needed to spend time with ‘family and close friends,’ but they said the tour had been selling ‘well in most key cities.’

Jennifer’s tour had been rumored to be suffering from anemic ticket sales, possibly due to it being named after her album This Is Me… Now, which had underperformed.

The tour was later renamed This Is Me… Live: The Greatest Hits, seemingly to remind fans that she would be playing the older songs that they did like, and the source said there was a ‘good uptick’ in sales after the name change.

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