The Rediscovery of the Brothers Grimm’s Lost Library Unveils Insights into Their Fairy Tale Craftsmanship

Brothers Grimm Lost Books

In a fascinating discovery at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland, researchers have stumbled upon 27 long-lost books from the personal library of the Brothers Grimm. These esteemed 19th-century German siblings, renowned for their enchanting fairy tales, left behind a treasure trove of handwritten notes and annotations within these volumes, offering tantalizing glimpses into their creative process.

Jacob And Wilhelm Grimm

Born Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm in 1785 and 1786 respectively, the brothers initially pursued legal studies before delving into the world of European folklore. Their seminal work, Grimms’ Fairy Tales, immortalized timeless stories such as “Cinderella,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Hansel and Gretel,” and “Rumpelstiltskin,” renowned for their dark undertones and cultural significance.

The recent discovery sheds light on the meticulous research and meticulous craftsmanship behind these beloved tales. While the brothers’ private library in Germany was thought to have been decimated during World War II, the unexpected find in Poznań offers fresh insights into their scholarly pursuits.



According to a statement from the researchers, the brothers’ interests spanned a diverse array of subjects, from history to literature, reflecting a keen intellect and a voracious appetite for knowledge. Their annotations in the discovered books provide invaluable clues about their selection of themes and motifs, as well as their approach to narrative framing.

The painstaking efforts of professors Eliza Pieciul-Karmińska and Renata Wilgosiewicz-Skutecka yielded this remarkable discovery over five months of diligent search. Believed to have been relocated to Poland amidst the turmoil of the World Wars, these texts now offer a glimpse into the brothers’ meticulous process.

Highlighted figures and places of interest, alongside detailed lists penned by Jacob Grimm himself, illuminate the brothers’ meticulous approach to story curation. These findings represent a significant milestone in the study of the Brothers Grimm, offering scholars and enthusiasts alike a deeper understanding of their literary legacy.

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